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These Proven Strategies Have Helped Retailers To Enhance Service, Improve
Customer Experience And Grow Their Businesses For Over 25 Years

section4-chef-imgIf you are a retailer, then here’s a no-risk offer from one of Australia’s leading customer experience teams…

When you partner with us today, we guarantee to improve your customer loyalty, boost staff productivity and increase your sales – or our services are FREE.

As far as we know, no other retail consultancy in Australia can match this breathtaking promise.

And for good reason…

You see, unlike many consultants, our team has built successful retail businesses from scratch.

That means we have had extensive experience managing staff and dealing with customers before we started advising other businesses.

And since we founded retail360, we have developed our skills and techniques even more by helping countless clients in a wide variety of industries.

We know the current pain many Australian retailers are experiencing. International economic crisis, a sluggish local economy and consumers developing a tighter hold on their disposable incomes.

Business Is Like A Roller Coaster Ride

Running a small or medium sized business can be tough… it’s a bit like a roller coaster ride… you can ride high off the ground with the wind in your hair and it can be exhilarating.

But just like a roller coaster ride your small business will encounter sharp curves and steep hills. It’s an experience that may involve sudden and extreme changes… ups and downs…. stress and sleepless nights.

We know what it’s like, because we have been in your shoes.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. You seem to get some momentum going, and then… the sales slow down and you find yourself in a mad dash to search for more customers to keep sales ticking over.

Up, down, up, down… just like a roller coaster!

girl-store-imgIt’s a vicious cycle, and when your business constantly goes up and down, so do your sales. When those lean times come and you’re scrambling to make ends meet, you can’t properly focus on growing your business. The panic and worry dominate your mind – and nothing works the way it should.

When you don’t have steady, predictable sales, you don’t have the funds or confidence to invest in marketing, acquiring or developing key staff and business growth. It can even become a struggle to pay your bills, pay staff, keep the lights on or put food on your family’s table.

Up and down you go until you’re stressed out, nauseous, and all you can think about is getting off the roller coaster before something really bad happens.

Worse still – being on the roller coaster puts you in a paranoid state of mind that keeps you up at night even when things are going well – because even during the UP cycles you’re wondering when the next DOWN is coming…

It’s a lousy ride.

You just want to get. It’s no way to live… and it’s no way to operate a healthy business.

What if you could create a constant stream of sales and say goodbye to the roller coaster forever?

Can you imagine what a difference that would make in your business, in your life, and in the lives of everyone around you? You’d never have to worry about being able to find sales again!

Here’s the good news… retail360 can help.

Shelley Thomson from retail360 has more than 25 years’ experience in the retail, sales and customer service industries. Using Shelley’s tried and tested techniques she has created a range of programs designed to improve customer experience and create a reliable stream of loyal customers and sales for clients on any budget.

team-store-imgChoose the ideal program and delivery for your business needs:

  • Essential Service Skills – entertaining, online learning program for team members. Great for high staff turnover businesses.
  • 60-Day Retail Accelerator – interactive solution to diagnose specific problems areas.
  • Elite Retail Coaching – our premium one-on-one program to fast-track results.

Retail360 will remove all the stress and worry of developing new customers and sales so you can focus on what’s really important – Growing Your Business.

We guarantee to improve your customer loyalty, boost staff productivity and increase your sales – or our services are FREE.

What should you do if you are interested in working with us?

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Our Programs

Choose the ideal program and delivery for your business needs; online programs for high staff turnover businesses, a combination of online and live learning and coaching to focus on specific problem areas, or our premium one-on-one coaching to fast-track results.

Level 1

Essential Customer Service Skills

Is an entertaining, interactive
online learning program for team members, managers and owners. This breakthrough program is backed by more than 25 year’s testing. It will revolutionise your customer service, drive more sales and potentially increase your growth by 26%… 73%… up to 103% in as little as 24 hours…


Level 2

60-Day Retail Accelerator

Is an interactive solution for people who want to take their customer service to the next level. Our team will diagnose the specific problem areas holding your business back. Then they will give you practical solutions that you can implement immediately. This program comes with a risk-free guarantee that you will get at least 10 times the value that you invest.


Level 3

Elite Retail Coaching

is our premium one-on-one program. We guarantee that it  will help double your business growth, or it is FREE. This coaching program is not for everyone. To apply, click here now and enter your details.


What Our Clients Say
Shelley creates experiences your customers will open their wallets for and rave about to all their friends.
Shelley thinks of the big picture as well as tiny details that completely change the way the customer behaves.
Shelley brings an experienced approach to customer service and shares her wealth of customer service secrets.
 Shelley is a breath of fresh air and a joy to work with. Her approach to reviewing and assessing our ...
The way Shelley looks at the process from the customers point of view has been priceless.
Tim ChadwickTim ChadwickChadwick Designs
Shelley has helped boost our revenue by identifying new customer experience opportunities, beyond the initial booking of a guided walking ...

Recent Events


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When it comes to customer loyalty, Shelley is regarded as one of Australia’s best and most sought after speakers.

Her entertaining, informative and practical advice has impressed audiences at events including the Pharmacy Business Network and Deloitte Private.

What makes Shelley unique is that she explains a very complex and important topic in an easy-to-understand way. She shares strategies that are based on more than two decades of real world experience. These are the same techniques she uses to help her clients to increase loyalty and sales.

After seeing her speak, many people walk away bursting with ideas for their situation. They are often delighted, smiling from ear to ear and give glowing reviews about the event to colleagues and friends.

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